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measure temp, humidity and brightness

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Hi guys!
I have to make a project which includes the rs232 protocol and must be programmed in assembly language.
I decided to measure the temperature, humidity and brightness in the room. All I know is that I need 3 sensors, a protoboard, and that stuff I need to connect with the computer through a serial communication.
I really have no idea how to realize this :)
Any help?


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If I had to do that I would start at the beginning with the types of sensors I planned to use. You obviously need a sensor for measuring temperature, humidity and ambient light. Once you get that data you need to signal condition those signals and process them. So what is your level of knowing what you are doing? Without knowing the basics and fundamentals this is not going to happen. How well can you write assembly language. Again I suggest you start with a choice of sensors and signal conditioning their outputs. TELL US WHAT YOU ALREADY KNOW?

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Do you think the project is too complicated to be a schoolwork?
Then can you offer me some similar and more simple idea?
The task is a hardware project, in which I have to use rs232 and program it in assembly language.


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The problem is nobody here knows your level. Do I think the project is too complicated? No not at all for a 4th year engineering student with a strong background in assembly language. Personally I am not a programmer type, my only programming was done in C++ and Visual Basic. However, I have done data acquisition and used RS232. This project goes back to your individual skill level. I would start with the sensors you need which involves you doing some research. You want a temperature sensor, Relative Humidity Sensor and an Ambient Light sensor for starters in the ranges you expect to sense. You need to choose a project you are comfortable with and meets the assignment requirements.



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I would suggest you start by deciding what components to use. I would start with just one sensor - a DHT22 temperature and humidity sensor and a microcontroller with RS232 ability - something like a Pic16F628A as there is lots of example code for it.

First get it talking to your PC either via a MAX232 chip or a USB to ttl RS232 converter.

Then try reading the sensor and sending that to the PC.

Maybe then add a light sensor.

Edit, a quick google turned up this.

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