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Max Pulse Voltage for SCR

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Max Pulse Current for SCR

I'm looking to discharge a capacitor at around 3kA+. I intend to switch this circuit with an SCR or IGBT. The pulse will last far less than 1ms.

What I need to know is how much "over-current" a typical SCR or IGBT could handle for such a short period of time. Can its max current be exceeded by, say, a factor of 10 for a pulse less than 1ms? Perhaps more?

Thanks so much for you help!

just realized I had "voltage" in the title instead of "current." Fixed :)
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Typical SCR data sheet shows Pulse ratings, including absolute max current, and "one-cycle" (of AC line) inrush pulse.


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Railway traction motor-sized SCR's!

I did something like this some years ago and I was suprised by how cheap really big semiconductors were. Don't forget you can use a standard Motor driving Contactor if you prefer instead of a semiconductor. There's no need for a heatsink either.

When you're choosing a semiconductor, just buy big, it's not that much more expensive.

Tip: If you want a feelgood glow about the strength of your design, make sure you understand the Transient Thermal Impedance curves in the datasheet.
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