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make program to PIC Programming

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hello ,,

I want to make program with visual basic .net 2008 to program PIC Microcontroller ,

so , can I do that ?
and if I can , How ?



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I think he means he wants to create an application like the PicKit2 programming app.

You still need hardware to do the actual programming. The application is just the front end for it.


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I mean make program that I load from it the Hex file and then there is Circuit Connected with the computer .

I put the PIC in the Circuit , then I can control the Circuit from my program ....
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Brian Hoskins

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Actually, I think you can use the .net development environment with PIC Microcontrollers these days. There was an article on it in an Elektor magazine some months back - I shall have to dig it out.



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I got an Algebra FX2.0 which comes with a serial port, do you guys think that it's possible to make an IDE + programmer out of it???

The port gives out signals at 0-5V no need for max232

It's programmable with Turbo C 3.0 since it has a 286 class processor
I had the idea a while ago but i never had the guts to do it.

My C isn't very good, and i have no idea about the protocol the pic uses to be programmed

Any ideas on the complexities of making a compiler, IDE and programmer ?

if MPASM works under DOS, i can upload it as is to my calc ;)
and i'll just have to make a txt editor and a programmer
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