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LTspice seminar in Scotland, UK


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Dear All

I am hosting an LTspice seminar in Glasgow, Scotland on the 21st November 2018. I will go right from the basics through to the complicated including basic simulations, importing 3rd party SPICE models, Monte Carlo analysis and Fourier analysis.

The author of LTspice regularly visits the UK, but never visits Scotland (!), so I thought I would appeal to the Scottish design community and run my own course.

If you fancy attending, details about the course and the sign-up form can be found here:

LTspice Seminar, Scotland, UK

Hope to see you there...



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Just a thought. For those of us who would love to attend but can't. What are the chances of youtube videos or a link to videos on a fellow named Bramble's website?


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I asked about filming it and uploading it, but got no reply from our Marcom department. I will ask again! Thanks for the prompt - Simon

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