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Looking for repair or schematics for Seiki BD660

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Hi all

Looking for a repair manual or schematics for a Seiki BD660 blu ray player. The PS is the problem, 2 caps were bulged and a transistor shot and I need the schem to see the part # for this transistor. I provided a pic of this "shot" transistor.

THANKS!! IMG6.jpg IMG6.jpg
What you are looking for is called a Service Manual. I can't find it either but LG has a BD660 also. They may be the same or not. A view of the schematic would tell if it is a re-branded unit. I can't get that one either but keep looking for it. It appears that Your transistor lost the plastic housing. There is another transistor close to it. It may be the same. find out if it is NPN or PNP and find another on the Board. They usually use the same Number transistors throughout a board. I hope this helps you.
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Lucky me, I have a friend at work while talking about my broken Seiki and he had the same as me so I asked him if I can have a peek inside his so that I can get the transistor # so that I can order it. Now that # is; 2N5401. There was other #'s after that and I wonder is it important or is it just a company's identification? I checked with Digikey and this transistor is discontinued. AAARRGGG!!! Now what??? Is there a replacement for this??? I have lots of circuit board at home but none with this transistor #. Any help with this is VERY WELCOMED!!!
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I'm from Canada. They charge duty and they shouldn't because of the free trade agreement between US and Canada, they should ONLY charge shipping and Canadian tax (if applicable). Ok will try that place THANKS!!!
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Well I ordered the parts from ebay at a cheap price!!! Well below $8 for 50 caps (all 10v 1000UF) and 3 transistors that I needed. Thanks for all!!

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