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Looking for Pic18F4455 usb examples

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Hi all,

I'm near the stage of throwing this thing out of the window.

I have a Pic18f4455 witch I'm wanting to communicate to the PC via USB. I've looked all over the net but every example I try I just can't seem to get going.

I'm using MPLAB with C18 compiler. I know that working ok as I have working programs running but can't seen to get the USB to work.

Any examples would be great.

Many thanks



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I also bookmarked the site posted by Mike a month ago. I reviewed the site and it looks like that it is a very good site for those who want to learn interfacing with USB PICs. :)

Mike - K8LH

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BeeBop said:
Great Catch Mike!
I got the link from one of the Forums I frequent so I can't claim credit, nor can I remember who properly deserves the credit.



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Same problem!


I have the same problem as posted before.
I bought a PIC18F445 for my school project and now trying to make connection with the computer, but nothing happens.
What I've done already:

Loaded the USB bootloader into the microcontroller with a PICDEM-board and ICD2 through MPLAB (in C18).
After that I placed my µC into the circuit on my breadboard with USB-connector and tried to make connection but nothing happened, so no 'new device found'...

Can somebody help me further, what my problems are, explained step by step please :)

Thanks in advance!!!!

SparkFun USBW

I have one of the SparkFun USB Bitwacker boards (kit version) which has an 18F2550 (same chip, 28 pins). It works great. Kit is like $20 bucks or so. Today, I would probably hack one together on strip board.


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interfacing USB with PIC18f4455

hi every buddy,
i wanna interface usb with pic18f4455 but i have no idea how to do that. i need some help for this if somebody knows that, plz plz plz tell me at this email address:
[email protected]


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hi every buddy,
i wanna interface usb with pic18f4455 but i have no idea how to do that. i need some help for this if somebody knows that, plz plz plz tell me at this email address:
[email protected]
First off, you need to learn how to read. Then you should check out the link Mike, K8LH posted above.

Secondly, karma works. The spam bots should have a good time with your email address. :p That isn't how this board works; it isn't here for your personal gain, so don't ask for a personal reply to your mailbox, which would be of NO USE to anyone else. People come here with a problem they are working on, and other people help them to solve that problem. They do this publicly, where others who read the thread can also learn something. (That is, provided they can and do bother to read the thread.)


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Hey people,

I actually came across this thread with the same exact problem as Micro82...however the link that supposidly was the key to everything does not work anymore. Can any one point me in a direction, I am trying to understand how to connect my pic18f4455 to USB.

Thanks for everything


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Thanks for the response....

I am really new to this whole thing. Heres the story I have made my own board for my project that has a usb connector coming in and connected to the PIC18F4455. I just have no idea how to get windows to recongize it. MPLAB connects to it and tells me that it has passed the test and is ready. However, where I am getting lost is what code to use for the USB and where to find it. The demos do not want to connect to my board. I dont undestand why I have the pic and i have the USB support yet the demos say no devices connected. Can you help me???


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It's been a while since I played with MicroChip's USB demo code. Here's what I remember:

There should be a HEX file in the demo code that you must load into the PIC first. You'll need to import this into MPLAB and program the PIC with it. Either that or compile the demo code and flash the PIC with that.

Have you installed the proper mchpusb.inf driver? ie: debug vs release.
It was very important that the codes in mchpusb.inf matched those in the PIC firmware. If you run the default code this should be already setup for you.
The INF file for the custom demo can be found in C:\Microchip Solutions\USB Tools\MCHPUSB Custom Driver\MCHPUSB Driver\Release.

Then there were some precompiled PC applications to test and control the PIC that will show you if everything is working properly.
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