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Looking for Gigabyte GA-6VXE7 Motherboard circuit diagram

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Does anybody know where to get this motherboard's circuit diagram?
I have been checking the manufacturer site and I didn't get anything technical from them. Just drivers and bios stuff.
If someone can help I will appreciate!!
Thanks a lot :wink:


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I don't think that you will get one of those.

The only people who normally get them are bone fide repair shops.


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yep! chances of you getting a motherboard schematics are one to a million (unless you work for a motherboard manufacturer company :))

Besides, if you don't mind me asking, what do you need it for?


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Hi guys and thanks for replying,
I ve got this mobo from a friend of mine just a couple of weeks ago,
and he told me that was a problem with it.
So probably is fried, I don't know, but I was checking some element
in it, and I found the power mosfets with a short. I replaced them, but
still doesn't boot up.
I know mobos are not worthy to work on them, they are cheap, I know it.
But it s my love to recycle almost everything,
One more thing, I ve seen almost one year ago, an Intel motherboard's
schematic(WL 810E, the one that I had), it was so huge, several pages. It was on the Intel's web site.
I don't know if it's still there, but at least it was.
Thanks again guys :wink: 8)


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Maybe it's not the motherboard that is not working. Have you checked the power supply? If your friend assembled the computer by himself, maybe he didn't connect power and reset switches properly. I once assembled a computer for my friend and it didn't event start. So I checked all the cables and connections and everything was OK at first glance. Finally, I figured out that I have connected the power switch to the power LED :?

:idea: Don't get me wrong, but you do know that you can't test MOSFETs while they are soldered to the board?


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yes, an important rule is not to test the components on a baord. you can get errored results from the other components or you can damedge the other parts.


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Hi guys,
well, I checked the mobo with a different power supply (the one that I m using right now) and nothing happened.
the mosfets were indicating a complete short, I picked up both gate and source, and I got the same indication,so after I measured the same mosfets on a different mobo, and they gave me different readings,
I concluded those mosfets were death.
Now I m looking for a cheap mobo in the internet :wink:
See ya guys!!


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i want a video of pc assembling which i can download and run in vlc player
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