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Looking for a cool project.

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Its not exactly the ideal summer vacation but i do have more time than usual.

I wanna build up something but i'm just out of ideas.

So it would be cool to hear about projects you once took on yourself, maybe i'll be inspired by you ;)



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What size and price range are you limited by?
And how are your fabricating skills with other stuff?

Its too open of question at this point!

I am working on an all electric conversion of a Polaris four wheeler.
For around $700 you could do one too! (If you can find a junk Polaris cheap.)
Polaris uses an independent engine and variable belt drive with an independent transmission for the High/low and reverse.
With electric you dont need the variable belt drive and can just use a regular belt and what ever ratio works best with what type of motor you have.

The one I am doing is a 36 volt golf cart drive system basically. Its just a matter of changing the configuration around so the electric motor sits where the engine was. and then placing 3 100Ah deep cycle batteries in the frame. One will fit where the muffler was the other will sit where the gas tank was and the third one goes in the front cavity where the radiator was.
Weight wise its not much heavier than stock and the spread out battery placement keeps the weight balance basically stock.
Plus it will have an on board charging system so it can just be plugged in where ever you can get to a outlet.
I may even set up the drive system for regenerative breaking so if I pull it behind the farm equipment while moving machinery it will charge the batteries on the go as its being pulled!


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How about something with a Peltier Device.


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tcmtech, this is a hell of a project, i wish i could get to this level one day :)
How long do you think it takes to finish such instrument up?

You're right, i should have given more details.
I want something which will be mobile, that i coud power it up from the car's battery (perhaps by using an inverter).
Something that wont take the whole summer, you know :)
Money isnt such an issue, though i rather keep it plain and simple ;)


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If I just focused on the project itself about two real long days. But unfortunately I have had the ATV sitting in my shop since last fall and most of the golf cart electrical gear has been here since last winter. I am to busy to work on it and often too poor and cant justify the expenses all at once. All I need now is the three batteries and I will be able to finish it on about one more day.

The electrical control system is basically stock golf cart gear. I just need to make the wiring harness that fits it to the ATV and make the minor frame changes to get the batteries to fit properly. The rest is mostly off the shelf cut, fit, and go.:)

The only part that is going to be an actual custom adaptation is getting the engine temp sensor to read the electric motor. Everything engine related gets tossed and the rest of the actual ATV electrical system is so basic all I need to do is change the bulbs from 12 volt to 36 volt versions and everything else basically stays intact.

Polaris builds cheap quality ATV's and that works well for making custom modifications. Their equipment is stripped down and basic to start with! Fancy plasic body panels over a basic frame is about all they are. The mechanical drive system is standard 1980's tech. :(

If you can find someone that had their engine go bad, very common on Polaris ATV's, you may get a good ATV for under $500. The rest can be spread out over a year or so. And if you have even basic electrical skills a golf cart control system is bone head simple. The frame mods, motor adapter bracket, and basic welding is a no brainer too. ;):)
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