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little dc motor microcontrolling questions

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If you followed the very newb and long thread that i started:
(i succeded with my ir data transmitting program)

You would know that i tried to make a diy pic programmer and failed because i dont know a lot about transistors and other then simple digital stuff (microcontrollers) and i would need help to make a very simple circuit to control a 3 amps motor trough one 1/0 of a 16f628a.

As the input/output can only source out 25 mA, do i need 2 transistors(one small signal of unknow serie and a tip31c power transistor) to be able to run the dc motor?

1)What would be a very simple design to completly source the dc motor with the 1/0 pin?

2) What would be a good small signal npn transistor?Can you give me a little list so i can search it on my surplus store website ,because the transistor are not classified there so its hard to find if you dont know.

(i should be able to pmw trough)

TIP31C Datasheet pdf - Leaded Power Transistor General Purpose - Central Semiconductor
It has 10 of hfe.

I use 5 volt for monitoring and 9 volts for power.
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