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Line Following Robot

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hello every one, iam doing line following robot as my mini project,
can you tell me what's the industrial application of line followeer Robots? and i need a circuit of line follower without having any control i.e., autonomous robot.

Sam Jelfs

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May i suggest this book? The writer is a tutor of mine, and it basically introduces all the principles of designing embedded systems whilst building up what is called a DerBot. within the book is example circuits and the required code to build and program line following robots, light detecting, and movement detecting robots, amongst others...

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Electronics Project

Hi i m a student of ECE i m interested in doing a project the topic i hav taken is "Line folloer Robot" i don have much idea about the circuit n the way to make it so i request if any one can mail me the design and procedure of making it.

Thanking you,



vrinda vaid

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line follower

hi friends...i want to make a simple linefollower and load lifter...i have reffered to all the advised pages ... but i need the circuit diagram of it ... plz help:)
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