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Lighting problem

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Hello, my problem is about the florescent lamp in my sala and in my C.R. During night, especially at around 8pm to 10pm, my florescent lights will not turn on or it will turn off. It is always blinking. But the incandescent bulb in my kitchen works OK. What's the cause of these problem? Is there any solution to these or any circuits to solve this problem? Anybody know? Please help. :oops:


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I think the problem is due to low mains voltage during peak usage hours. using electronic choke for your fluorescent light will solve the problem as it works for wide range of voltages.


I agree with kinjalgp. The problem may be within your house, or may be a problem with the power company's distribution system.

To check if it is in your house, when the light starts blinking, turn all your other appliances and lights off. Does it now work normally? If yes, then your wiring needs to be upgraded. If it is still a problem, then the power company needs to upgrade the distribution system.

PS What is "sala" and "C.R"?


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Try change the fluorescent lamp (maybe too old) and/or the starter. This problem don't appear with good devices about -20% mains voltage.
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