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Lightbox help!

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Hello a-lot-smarter-than-me-people
Hope you can help...

Im trying to create a lightbox to be used as a prop for an outdoor theatre performance.
The box itself is made, and measures 600(mm) x 300 x 300. It is made of flexible polypropylene which is natural in colour.
I have estimated it will need about the same lumens a 15-20 watt halogen bulb can produce.
Once lit, the box evenly disperses the light fairly well given the plastics nature, but having globes with as much spectrum as possible would definitely be helpful.
I am hoping to use LED's and a battery pack as the prop needs to be portable and as lightweight as possible.
Cost effective options would also be much much appreciated as we have a very small production budget.

Any assistance/advice on this matter would be warmly welcomed and greatly appreciated!

Many Thanks,
Daniel Louie

p.s. I live in Adelaide, Australia


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Hi Daniel,
First, I have not really understood what you want. Clearly, you need an electronic circuit...but which does what? Can you list out what functions you want the circuit to do for you?
I am not very sure but can one find a 20W led?


I bought a LED light which had 18 white bright LED 's in it from Oatley I think . It is so bright I can barely look at it for a second or two from straight on. Pulls about 40mA I think . I'll try find it and edit


Look around , there's a 24V model too and some with 100 LED's

Best $18 iv'e spent in years. I use it to warn approaching cars about my cattle on the road . I set it to flash
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