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Led placement design


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Hi all,
we design new wio project. In this project plan to design the 20 nos led indication. but available dimension of board is 5x45mm.
we had tried lot of method . But not placed the 20nos. For the reference here attached the image in this one we have placed 10nos.
kindly suggest the suitable method available to place the led

M. Maha



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If they will form a character (letter / number / symbol) there is a certain relationship between width and height. To comply with that, look for smaller LEDs, a bigger board or less LEDs..


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This is the nearest I know of; they will stack at 0.1" pitch - but that is still going to take more than 5 x 45mm...

You can get the width down by using double stacked ones, but that puts the height up..

Other than that, you would likely need custom-made light pipe, with an array of surface mount LEDs flat on the PCB and an acrylic "comb" style light pipe that routes the LED light to a row or array of dots on the PCB end area..
There are a range of off-the-shelf light pipes available, but none I know of that exactly suit your application.

This is close, but it's more than 5mm tall.

Other examples:

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