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LCD Display with PICDem 2 Plus

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You don't say if you need ASM, BAS or HEX....
The standard 4 bit 44780 code will work, you need to specify the connection based on your hardware.
LCD display on PICDEM 2 Plus board [Archive] - MEL PICBASIC Forum
Here is a Picbasic version made to work on your hardware.
PortD4 to 7 lcd data
PortA1 = E
PortA2 = R/W
PortA3 = RS
Microchip Application Maestro can create a template for you for ASM code.
Application Maestro Software

Nigel's tutorial should be a good start to.
PIC Tutorial* Three - LCD Modules

Also 100's of info available on the net.
4 bit lcd asm - Google Search

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