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Latest project, dual channel USB osciloscope

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nigel wright

New Member
My latest project is a dual channel USB oscilloscope.
It uses a PIC32MX220 which has 1 mega samples A2D.
The input is a standard scope front end with 1 meg ohm and 10pf.
The signal is buffered then scaled using 74HC4015 and a bunch of resistors.
The embedded software basically measures the A2D for the two channels and stores it in a pair of buffers.
The PIC can use +ve or -ve trigger or no trigger.

The PC end displays the two channels on top of a graticule.
The display can be shifted up and down and left and right.
The trigger level can be set or disabled.
The voltage scaling can be set for both channels.
I have also added a FFT display for displaying frequency content.
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