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Lack of support from Raisonance

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I purchased the RKitL51 8051 C compiler from Raisonance some years back along with their security dongle so I could run it on a new PC if problems arose with the hard drive/motherboard, etc.

It runs fine and does everything I need but for one little problem - the security dongle won't work under Windows 7 or Windows 10. The compiler works under Windows 7 and Windows 10 but will only compile programs up to 4K bytes since it won't recognize their security dongle.

Raisonance will not support the security dongle under Win7/10 and told me I have to upgrade and pay to the latest version of their C compiler.

Since the security dongle is for their benefit only and does not add any value to me I believe that this is a bit unreasonable and I am quite unhappy about it. The upgrade is not inexpensive!




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quite unhappy about it
Some programs, you can purchase. Then they have a "upgrade". Remember that button "you agree to the terms". You just agreeded that you now are "renting" the program and it will stop running after a year. Now you have to pay each year.
The upgrade is not inexpensive!
If you write C as a hobby.....and only use it for one project/year.....

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I once use Raisonance when I got into 8051 and Xa chips... It wasn't long before I ditched then for a similar " no support" issue.

I have used SDCC ever since... A licence for textpad is very cheap and it can be used as a good IDE.. SDCC is free and in excellent shape for a free tool.. It is maintained well..

Textpad is free, but to get rid of the NAG screen it cost £16... Well worth it as it does lots more.. Setting up a compiler with syntax highlighting is pretty easy too..
The compiler works just fine under Win7/10 but since it did not recognize their security dongle, only allows code up to 4K to be compiled.

I tracked down the security dongle vendor, installed the latest USB drivers for the device and now everything is working again as normal.

Raisonance would very likely have known that this was a simple solution to my problem but chose to ignore a paid customer and tried to extract another $700 Euros from me.
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