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Kit 166V2 (Bidirectional DC Motor Speed Controller) Voltage Input.

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Can't you read??
The specifications explain the maximum voltage and why.
Usually a DC motor draws a higher current when its supply voltage is increased. When a DC motor is stopped by something then it draws its huge stalled current that might cause the damage that is explained in the specifications.


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Yes i can see that now.
I am trying to modify this circuit to respond to a thermistor.
Using it to change the DC off set voltage.
For temps between 5/10 degrees c to 40/45 degrees c.
With it stopped at around 25 degrees c.

dr pepper

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You'd need something a little more indepth.
A Lm324 op amp, and a few resistors, one op amp can be used to amplify or buffer the o/p of the thermistor connected as a voltage divider with a resistor, and another op amp to operate as a comparator to give shut down at 20 degrees.
Values and exact connections depends on the spec of the thermistor and whether its Ntc or Ptc.
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