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JVC Amp blowing fuses

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I have a JVC AX-22 Stereo Amplifier. It blew the 4 amp fuse on the circuit board several weeks ago. I only had a 3 amp GMA in stock so threw it in to see if it was a hard short and it worked fine. I have been using it for a few weeks (off and on, not constantly) but yesterday, found the power gone again. So the problem is one of those pesky, "might do it some time later" kind of issues. A solid short would be much easier to find.

There are two large electrolytic capacitors on the main board that look kind of suspicious but not too bad. There is a bit of residue around their bases so I suspect they have become leaky so I think I might start there. But they do not test shorted now but obviously, would not.

Before I place my order, I thought I would throw this out there to see if anyone has had any experience with this amplifier. Short of (no pun intended) throwing fuses in until the problem becomes more consistent, not sure how to figure out if it is the main amp, power supply circuit or something else. I see that it has had the main amplifier replaced with an NTE equivalent many years ago (I cannot even remember doing it so it has been a while! ) I bought this new so it definitely was me.

Anyone have any input for me?

Thanks, Shawn
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