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Junk box parts for free

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I'm moving soon and need to get rid of my extensive collection of electronics "junk box" parts, assemblies, cables and stuff. Its all free, but I'm not willing to ship, so local pickup only in the Vancouver, BC, Canada region. Please PM me for contact info.


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Love to oblige you RadioRon, but it is a bit of a commute for me. I do remember seeing GMC Pavillion during Expo 86. It was awesome. So I have been there.


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Ron: If you can't find a taker, maybe SPARC (Society for the Preservation of Antique Radio C(?) here in Vancouver is interested. There is a listing at 718-7733, but I do not know if that is correct, if not, I am sure I can find the right #. E
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I'd really love to help you out Ron, but just like Inq, it's quite a commute for me. Best of luck to you :)
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