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IS there a way hookup morethan one over air antenna

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Is there a way to hook up two or more over the air antenna to a digital converter box at the same time.
One antenna one direction and second antenna point 90 degress from the first antenna.
I don't want to buy a rotor for the antenna.
If can be done like to have four antenna start from point north than next point east than next point west last last point south if can be done ,that way cover all direction pickup signal up all direction

Nigel Goodwin

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It depends on what frequencies they use, if they are widely apart you can get frequency sensitive combiners - although for digital, with it's supposed resistance to ghosting, a plain combiner may be fine.


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I combined two UHF OTA antennas but there is a signal loss so to need strong signals in both for it to work.

Or use an antenna switch

What I eventually did was build a two tuner SageTV OTA PVR and it's great.


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If you are in a relatively strong signal area for both transmitters, using a less directional antenna may work. Even though the transmitters are in different directions if one has a strong signal in your area a lower gain directional antenna favoring the weaker transmitter may work.

If you need high gain in both directions, then combining two high-gain directional antennas using a "UHF splitter" backwards should work. There will be ~4.5db loss compared to either antenna alone.

If you cannot tolerate the 4.5db loss, then either single high-gain antenna and a rotator or two high gain antennas and a coaxial antenna relay is the only other way to go.
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