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Is there a smart way how to find SMD item for the repair?

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What methods do you use to find an equivalent of a SMD part?
It is rather difficult to find it ( at least for me) because SMD parts do not have model number written.
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It is true that, due to their small size, that SMD devices don't have full part numbers on them. But semiconductor devices always have a few characters.

I use this website to help decipher all those codes. You still need to sort through all of the possible parts, but you have a much shorter list to go through.


PS. I got this link from some previous poster here on ETO. I don't remember who, but thanks.

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Unfortunately, chip capacitors and resistors smaller than 0603 don't have enough surface area to put any markings.

You do require the schematic and that the board has the legends printed on it, to be able to repair them.
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