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is it possible: MK110

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im kinda new to electronics so excuse me if i use the wrong terms and alike.

im building my own bass cabinet for my bass guitar amp, and i want pulsing LED's

ive done a bit of homework about it and found that the best way would be a colour organ. however alot of kits that i have found are 3 channel and can only have incadecent lights. the problem is i want LED's and a single channel, as i have no high end frequencies.

i found a MK110, but am unsure of whether or not it is suitiable.
i want 40 LED's, and have found some that are: 2.2-2.6v, 50mA

are these suitiable?

also is it possible to use a microphone instead of a line input.

i would appreciate help, as i said i am new to electronics
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