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interfacing a pic and a mobile

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Hi everyone,

I am trying to inteface the PIC 16F877 and Nokia 3310 to send a SMS using the pic. The pic will do some counting and when a certain number is reached it will send that number (and anything else i want later on) via a SMS to another phone.
I am trying to use the PIC's USART port to talk to the phone via the FBUS protocol and i have a few questions:

the 3310's max fbus seed is 115200 baud and i was wondering if the pic has to talk to the phone at that speed or can a lower speed (eg 9600) b used cuz i dont think the pic can achieve the max fbus speed (using a 4 MHz version).

also i think the operating voltages the fbus/mbus ports on the phone are up to 3 volts and i was wondering if the pic and the phone must have exactly the same voltages on their TX and RX pins to work proper or can a small difference b allowed...

if anyone has any pointers that would be great...

thanx everyone


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hi bro,

you can go to
www.astalavista.com then you select mobile..

then for the tx and rx voltage..as long you using rs232 ( example :- max232 CPE ) as your serial driver..you'll not have problem with it ( voltage ) because it already standard.
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