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Interesting ARM9 dev board with LCD

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While surfing around for some toys i found this ARM9 development board, called mini2440 by FriendlyARM.

Runs ARM920T @ 400MHz. Has 64MB of SDRAM and 64/128MB of NAND flash. Lots of I/O (including USB (although only 1.0/1.1), 3xUART, 10/100 Ethernet, 40 GPIO of which 4 are analog, SD-card slot, audio in/out, etc.). It can run Linux 2.6, WinCE, even Android. It has 3,5" 320x240 256k resistive touch LCD display included. Now i know that ARM9 is ARM architecture vesion 4 which is some generations off because the current ones being ARM v7 (the Cortex-A8 and 9) but still it seems pretty good bang for the buck, doesn't it?

On eBay it can be found for about $80 to $160.
Any comments, ideas, thoughts? Is it worth to be bought?
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