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Integrating Pspice with matlab (how to import data)

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I have written a Pspice program, and simulated transfer and output characteristics. I have it saved as a SPICE DECK EXAMPLE.dat file.

I am supposed to try to load the data into matlab using command load '.dat' -ascii;

Please how can I transfer that data into matlab so MATLAB recognises it so I can load the data into MATLAB.

I have tried to import it into matlab using import data then I wrote the command in matlab but it says Error using load. Unable to read file 'SPICE DECK EXAMPLE.dat': no such file or directory.

In summary, What's the best process of transferring simulated data from Pspice into matlab?



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Are you trying to import the Spice circuit description, or the results of a Spice simulation (voltages at nodes vs time). I suspect Matlab could understand the latter, but wouldn't have a clue as what to do with the former...

Here is how to do it in LTSpice.

I created a trivial circuit and simulated it.
I plotted the voltage vs time at node a V(a) and node b V(b).
I asked LTSpice to export V(a) and V(b) vs time into a text file.
I show the contents of the text file.

I'll bet that MatLab could deal with the contents of the text file (I'm not a Matlab user).

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I am trying to import the results of a Spice simulation into Matlab, I know how to get the values etc from Pspice but how do I load it up on MATLAB using the load or textread command?
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