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Initial Equipment for a startup company a Electrical meters R&D Lab


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I need to purchase some initial equipment for a small starting business, where i'll need to start developing electrical meters ( Single 240VAC/ Three Phase 380VAC ) eventually commercially. Electricity meters mainly consist of several aspects of electronics such as :

1. Microcontroller and digital circuits probably not very high speed at most 60 MHz .
2. Metrology part which is responsible in capturing and doing most of the headaches and the way i see it , it can be treated like sensitive ADCs .
3. Power supply (AC/DC) & DC/DC flyback PSU .
4. Communication module such as RS485 , UART , Ethernet and PLC(Power Line Communication).

At the top of my head i thinking that i will need the following :

1. Oscilloscope 100 MHz Bandwidth 1 GS/s maybe 4 channels ( I'm leaning towards Siglent product lines, if there is something better I'm all ears) .
2. Logic Analyzer ( Salae Logic 8 ) to decode SPI , I2C , RS485 , UART .
3. Differential probes ( Never used them but from several searches and videos recommend to use them in power supply designs , am i right ?) .
4. A waveform generator (any suggestions ?)
5. An LCR meter maybe ? (any suggestions ? )
6. An Bench power supply ( any suggestions ? )
7. A good True RMS DMM

Right now i have several electricity meters that work on a test bench, to me as a hardware guy i'm thinking to this is useful to install the prototype hardware next to it and compare performance. But right now i'm feeling a bit lost. I would really appreciate if someone with a bit of experience in the field ( maybe instrumentation ? ) could point out to any alternative equipment recommendations that I should check out? Anything major I am forgetting other than hand tools, etc

Note1: I'm always open to suggestions and constantly reading and learning anything as i go, so please be gentle.
Note2: If someone needs to know what standards will be to comply with :

1. IEC62055-31 (Relay)(Meter)
2. IEC62052-11
3. EN50470-3

Background about me: I'm an ECE and i've been working on low voltage designs 12V,5V & 3.3V for some time so my experience in AC circuits is so-so, i'll get there.
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Do the standards list any specs on the requirements of the instrumentation? I would start there.

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