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Infrared volume control

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Electric Rain

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Alright, here's the deal. I need to build an infrared transmitter and reciever that will let me control the volume of my stereo with a remote. To be straight forward, here's what I need:

Requirements: Volume up button, Volume down button, 15' or more range, the receiver to be able to connect between my stereo and my speakers.

What I don't need, but would be nice to have: 2 (meaning two digits) 7-segment LED displays to tell me the volume level, a mute button.

Can anyone help me? I REALLY need this because we all know how annoying it is to have your TV volume control, and then a seperate volume control on your stereo for your rear speakers. And also, please do not suggest a universal remote control, because no one will bother with the code for a stereo as old as mine.


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Seek ot the "HOLTEK" website they are into I/R and remote control transmitter and reciever pair chips and have a good section of application notes.
Digital potentiometer ic's are also available but not common, you will have to look for them.(perhaps some one would be kind enough to post link?)

A Universal remote remote is not an option for they only deal with commercial/device specific codes, what you need to satisfy all your requirements would best be suited by a microcontroller set up to learn the required codes from the prototype transmitter(s), this also gives you the option to have an lcd dispay on the handset. This might be a bit much for a pic 1684 but the larger devices are more than capable of this.

[Attention PIC programmers : A learning remote control (infra-red) would constitute a usefull project!] :idea: :idea: :idea:
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