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Including HX711.h causes watchdog timeout of ESP8266.


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My current project combines a server, ftp and spiffs as the file system. All works as expected but I now want to add a weighing scale that can be calibrated and accessed via a html page. However, if I include HX711.h everything still works except the ftp server - any connection causes a WDT reset.

Any ideas how a header file can alter working code?

P.S. can't post code as far too big.


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Answered my own question,
The header contains the code,
    // "yield" is not implemented as noop in older Arduino Core releases, so let's define it.
    // See also: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/34497758/what-is-the-secret-of-the-arduino-yieldfunction/34498165#34498165
    void yield(void) {};
Removing the line void yield(void) {}; fixes the problem.


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