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INA 326 and transducer

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Hello, I have a question about INA 326 instrumentation amplifier and pressure transducer. I use a circuit from INA326 datasheet 9 page, except I don't use filtering at output of amplifier. R1=4,7k, R2=100k, so gain could be aproximetely 40-50. On the pin 5, I connect 100k resistor and 0,1uF condensator. Problem is that, when I apply pressure to my transducer voltage between data signals is 30mV. So, for my gain, output voltage could be about 1,2-1,4V, but when i check voltage with multimeter I see only 160mV, and when I applied more pressure to my transducer, voltage in the output of amplifier didnt change, still 160mV. Both, transducer and amplifier powered by Arduino, and I check voltage between amplifier output pin and common ground in the breadboard. What can be problem? I attach INA326 datasheet and my breadboard connected circuit, maybe there are some connection errors.




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What is the unlabled blue wire and what is it connected to?
What is the unlabeled red wire and what is it connected?
What is the unlabeled orange wire and what is it connected?
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Blue wire connected from transducer Excitation- pin to Arduino GND pin.
Red wire - from breadboard blue line (GND) to Arduino GND pin.
Orange wire from breadbord red line to Arduino +5V pin.

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