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Impossible SMT to DIP Adapter?

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Here's the impossible part; LM4970 Audio Synch IC. A so call SD-14 pin thing, never heard of it before, it's only a 3mm x 4mm pkg, on a 0.5mm pitch. Now that's tiny. After an exhaustive search, found a close one described as a VSOP-16 from epboard.com, but it has a 0.65mm pitch, everything else looks O.K.

The midpoint of lands on this leadless package is only 2.8mm or 0.110in. So that seems to be the main problem, as MSOP, QSOP, MLP smt adapters may work also, but for the very narrow spacing between the opposing pads.

Really don't want to make a pcb for this. Any ideas?
Thanks for the link. Very interesting assortment of adapters there. The TSSOP adapter would work, but again, the space between the pads is 0.127in, and need 0.110in minimum. Yea, a little too nice for this guys hobby budget, but fair enough for commercial purposes.
Found IT

You know I had checked SchmartBoard before, but should have known that SOP pkgs. were classified under the SOIC heading :rolleyes:.

Anyway, printed out the pdf of this old style SOP 0.5" pitch board and it looks that the project is now upgraded to PROBABLE. Thanks for the redirect :).
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