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Implement a simple circuit using logic doors


New Member
I need to implement a circuit but Im having some trouble since Im novice on electronics.
I have 4 inputs. A being ON/OFF switch. B is an Inibitor. C is an Emergency and D is not an adequate ocasion.
In order to turn off the lamp I have to meet 2 conditions.
  • Condition 1: Switch is ON (A), Inibitor is OFF (B) and the ocasion must be adequate (NOT D).
  • Condition 2: Emergency is ON (C). This one is independent and will always turn on the light as long as it is activated.

I did this schematic. NOR only outputs 1 when both are 0, which means INIBITOR off and D is adequate. Then join with On from Switch with AND and light is ON.

This is represented by A(NOT)B(NOT)D. Now I only need to add the C variable which is independent.

The final equation is A(NOT)B(NOT)D + C. Am I thinking right? Sorry if this sounds stupid but Im still learning and a bit confused!

Thanks in advance.

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