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image processing using matlab

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dear friends,
i am an engineering student hooked up with main project.
main project is about using image processing for egg crack detection

Thus it involves capture of image through usb camera .i.,e data asquisition i
suspect...i have got the camera and all...but the place where am hooked is
that...it requires egg's image in atmospheric presure to be divided by egg's
image at negative pressure...can we divide two images using matlab.....please
can u help me where i can find similar code snippets related to it......
pleeeease help me yaar


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Google search for "MATLAB image edge detection" and you will find many results which give, in many cases, complete example code for such projects. The first one that comes up, Find edges in grayscale images, even seems like it could do the job. You could also try searching for "Canny edge detection matlab example" as this is a specific and very effective algorithm for finding edges in images using matrix calculations.
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