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I'm looking for smallest and cheapest transmiter and receiver for Remote control toys. Can you help me with BOM?


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I'm looking for smallest and cheapest transmiter and receiver for Remote control toys. Can you help me with BOM and circuit diagram?

I have gone through some articles which suggests for readymade circuit available on Amazon. But I want to build it without using any readymade circuit.


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Radio transmitters are controlled by law.

You must either use type-approved or pre-licensed modules, or go to the expense of designing your own and then have each different toy tested for compliance with the laws of each country it may be sold in, which can be extremely expensive.

Selling a radio device that does not comply with the requirements of the country its sold in may result in the items being impounded and you being prosecuted, so you must be extremely careful at the design stage to be sure you will not get caught out.

These are not the cheapest available, but a good example - study the data sheets for them and the related regulatory information.

When you find a suitable type, look for them at reputable electronics distributors - not amazon or aliexpress etc.


Les Jones

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You requirements are contradictory. As you want to build the items yourself I assume that you are only capable of using through hole components. Surface mount ICs would allow the items to be made much smaller but you need much more skill and equipment to manufacture that way. You have not given any specification as to your requirements. For example do you just require simple on / off switching or multi channel proportional control. These days it is very often cheaper to buy ready made modules than buy the components to build them yourself and they will be smaller than you can build yourself. I think it is unlikely you will find anyone prepared to spend the time required to design the items you want in a form that you are capable of building.



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One of the cheapest transmitter modules I know are the RFM01 ( receiver ) RFM02 ( transmitter ) RFM12 ( receiver / transmitter switchable ), from Hope RF.
They mut be driven by a little Microcontroller the possible range is about 300m.
( I guess the modules are linked by rjenkinsgb are the same once ).

The documentation of Hope RF is very creepy.
But I guess You'll find a lot of examples for the Modules.

They offer a serial connection between 2 Microcontrollers up to 115200 b/sec.
To use the full range the baudrate should be decreased.
The used channel can be choosen by software, so more of the transmitters can be active the same time.

The driving of the modules can be done in different way's, so You'll always had to had a source code and the according schematic.

A exact handling of the RFM12 You can find here - Sorry it's in German.
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Dick Cappels

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No, you don't need type-approved transmitters. It depends on where in the world you are and you own circumstances. In the U.S. a person can make a limited number of transmitters of some types and self-certify that they are legal, but that person must understand what they are doing and use engineering techniques to show that the design conforms to the law.

The best solution is to look up the current law in your locality and understand it as it applies to you.


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The objection of Dick are right.
In Germany You had to have an Amateur Radio Licence to built Your own Transmitters.

The Modules in my further Post in Germany You can use without that, but You have to confirm that the Parameters are in the allowed Area of Law.

When You wanna sell it You have to start a Type examination - That' quite expensive.

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