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I'm Back!!!!


Hey guys I'm back from the void that I have been lingering in. I may have posted a few posts here and there, I really didn't really consider myself back. I've been playing with an idea of using an idea from LONG AGO to provide backup power in the case of a power failure. It uses magnetic bearings to support the drive and generation sections of my generator. The generator will be an axial flux generator using the 3 phase star configuration. I'm still working on the storage and conversion from DC to AC, but all that will be worked out over time. I want to build my own Inverter, but like was posted in some of the posts on the threads I've posted in the recent past, they seem like they may be incomplete. I've seen lots of different options though out there on the interwebs. one of them that interested me the most is an expandable inverter idea that was posted on Instructables . I don't like the control portion, but with so many options out there, I may try multiple things until I'm satisified. I'll keep in it in the virtual form until I get it to my liking. I'm still in the planning stages though, and haven't started anything yet, but hopefully I will start soon. Well as soon as I can start getting money coming in again. Damn Covid-19.
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