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I2C communication between PIC24f and PIC18F

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Two microcontrollers 18f and 24f are connected through a I2C interface. i want to test that I2C interface.

18f i2c address is 1000001......

i have sended the command
send_i2c_byte(0x82)....//write mode

and then sended some data eg.


should i receive this data automatically to the I2C recieve register of the 18f?

thanks in advance


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If you have the settings right, after you send the address and have the last bit high (to indicate you want a receive), the PIC should have a register that will fill up with the next transmission from the slave.


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i want to send a data to the pic 18f controller's eeprom

if i send the address of the pic in the write mode

i.e. 10000010 (0x82)

and then i send the data through the bus.....
can i receive that data onto the i2c receive register of pic 18f??

so that after taking the data from the register, i can put it onto my eeprom location


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I've never implemented an I²C slave but I would imagine that as long as you write 0x82 to the SSPADD register of the slave then it would work as you describe. You may have to check the D/A bit in SSPSTAT to differentiate between the address and data bytes.

Be aware that writing to EEPROM is slower than I²C and so you may have to implement clock stretching.

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