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i need a little help with my dice circuit

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This is my circuit for my 1-6 dice.
the 555 is used to generate a pulse to go in to the 3-bit counter that counts from 000 to 111 that is 0 to 7. The push to break switch is used to freeze the counter. the top logic gates are used to reset the counter when it gets to 111 and put it back to 000,all this works fine. the second logic gates are used to get 000 to 001 but instead the first d-type flip-flop blows up and the 3 input AND gate in the simulation i done on crocidile clips it says that there was to much current going through them. i am not sure what i can add that will lower the current but not change the out of the AND gate and flip-flop. if you have any idea pls tell me

Thanks in advance


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Your circuit looks somewhat like this one:

Notice the value of the capacitors on the 555 and the lack of a capacitor in the 555 output.

Would it be easier to use a 4017 chip - set to count 6 pulses and a diode matrix for the LED combinations?


The connection from the output of the lower 3-input AND gate, to terminal "A", doesn't look right.
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