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I know the Zuma thread is being watched...but there is more

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As all that know me....I live in South Africa. I don't live in Cape Town or in a well governed province like the Western Cape.

I live and work with the deep rooted ANC voters here. I see and know them (sorry for saying "them" John Panhalt).
Thing is....I deal with these supporters of the Zuma and Gupta's every day. They are the support base of the ANC. Right here.
And now..........they cant understand why their money is worth less and less the longer the corruption and stealing is allowed to continue.....

We see it here. We are a proper TV repair shop. Not some dodgy place down the alley. We know what we do.
We are piled up to the roof..waiting for these people to fetch their repaired TV's. No space left. They can't collect a TV without paying for the repair first. That's the way its always been in a properly run TV Repair shop.....

But.......this support base of the ANC is slowly waking up. Slowly but they are waking up. How do I know?

Because I live about 20M from the pavement going past my room. I live on the premises. Right here.
About 6 months ago, we would try to open the shop on a Saturday morning. There would be one of "them" lying passed out on the pavement..too pissed to even stand up. Etc.

That's stopped now. Even the pubs down the road are not opening on a Friday and Saturday night. Customers have no money to spend.

So, I wanna see these supporters of theft by Jacob and the corrupt ANC he leads feel the heat.

You cant train or educate them......they gotta feel for themselves.

Trust me, Ive tried. I failed.

Thank you for reading

some updates:
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Time tyo tweak the meds mate ;) :D. Keep smiling its only life, dont take it so seriously..........

Just an idea, why dont you take deposit before taking a repair job on?


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We do ask for a deposit when the sets are booked in. Otherwise we don't accept them.

Those customers collect quickly... ones that don't/cannot afford a deposit ends up in a waste of storage space. We learned that years ago.....but it's changed lately. Collections are dead slow. In spite of a deposit being payed.

Our economy is screwed.
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