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I got the Weller WTCP soldering iron blues

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Rich D.

Active Member
My good old Weller that I've been using since the mid 80's started heating up the other day, then just up and died.
Up and died.

A new one is $200 so forget that, there's cheaper brands I could buy to replace it but I'd rather fix it.
I have a bunch of tips and sponges for this Weller and I trust that if it can be fixed it will work for another 30 years so I began taking it apart.
I could get a new heating element, $31, but there is also a sensor/switch in there and that could be the problem, it's $71.

The only other option to fix this WTCP is to buy a new pencil, tip, heater, switch, handle and that's $99.
I'm leaning towards getting the whole pencil assembly because I believe that will definitely work without it being my project for the next month.

So does any one have any experience fixing one of these irons? Will a new iron be compatible with a 30...35 year old base?
Is there a way to measure for sure whether the switch or the heater is bad?


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I would check the power supply first, and check the heater for continuity.

Rich D.

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The power supply is good. The three contacts all have an AC voltage on them. If my memory is correct, it's something like 20, 40, and 60 volts AC between the various contacts. Not exactly those numbers but that's the general idea.
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