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HP 8591E & BWD-330A Spectrum Analyzer

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Hi, I have a HP 8591E 9kHz - 1.8 Ghz Spectrum Analyzer and a BWD-330A Spectrum Analyzer available for sale.

For the HP 8591E, the unit seems to be in good physical conditions. CRT display is clear. All keys have been tested and responsive to inputs. The center plastic tuning knob is missing. This is however not critical as the knob is only for numeric (frequency / amplitude input) which can be done using the numeric keypad instead. Alternatively, a screwdriver can still be used to move the tuning pin, which works just fine to change the frequency. When tested, the unit does not seem to respond to RF input and fails the calibration process. Suspect problem with the input stage. Selling for parts or to those who can repair it.

For the BWD-330A Spectrum Analyzer, it has XYZ output for display on X-Y monitors or oscilloscopes with Z-inputs. Tested and worked fine. Unit can power on, show 330A on the LED display and manage to plot on my oscilloscope with Z-input.

Anyone interested please let me know. I am in Singapore. Thanks :)



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Hi there, I am also living in Singapore and got the BWD 330 A spectrum analyzer. Maybe its the same one you were selling.
Anyway I am still struggling to understand how that thing operates and how to do the settings. Do have a manual or could I speak to you over phone or email to get the basic idea ? Highly appriciated, my email is bgADDbgconrol.com Cheers Bjoern
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