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How to tell if your a EE

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To my best friend A real EE
How do you know if your a real EE.
1. When you can tell a joke and have math in it and it is still funny
2. The joke you just told works out to be true
3. It wasn't a joke after all you just made your work sound like fun
Your now a real EE
If you need a test please go here and prove yourself http://www.netfunny.com/rhf/jokes/95q1/eepuritytest.html
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:D (Its all I can say!)


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An industrial engineer will see that the glass is designed with a 100% overfill reserve capacity.


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You type maxim.com into your browser address bar and are annoyed that there are scantily clad women facing back at you.


You know an EE when, at airport security, he is asked to empty his pockets, and the contents consists of resistors, transistors and assortments of screws and other small hardware.
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