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How to plot with x axis in 10log in Mathematica

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Hi fellows,

I need to plot an integral versus 10log of the x axis, in other words, i need to plot the reliability of a signal versus SNR, in dB. I tried

Plot[NIntegrate[<my function here>],{x,100,1}]

and plotted ok, but the x axis is from 1 to 100, and i need the 10log (basis ten, not e) of x axis. So, i tried

LogLinearPlot[NIntegrate[<my function here>],{x,100,1}]

ploted in log, but the values in x axis are still linear, besides the graphic is in log. so, finally, i tried,

Plot[NIntegrate[<my function here>],{10Log10[x],100,1}]

but the error about write protected appear
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