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how to learn 3d shape recognition..

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what subject do i need to learn
so the camera will recognize some a certain shape in 3d space
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From observing equipment that optically recognizes components placement at my workplace; I would guess you need at least a couple of video cameras, high contrast video gain or processing circuit and mapping patterns of light/dark at every area of interest to be scanned.
Somehow software should have a reference treshold/boundaries of the mapping to decide what is acceptable and what is not.

The fiduciary points are first to be scanned to set the references;
then the cameras sweep the areas of interest comparing a database in memory. Details on how to do it -I cannot help- It is not a simple process, requieres a good amount of computing power to do it fast.

The term to search is "automated optical inspection" to learn about ways the industry does it.
Hope it leads somewhere.

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i didnt mean board
i meant that the camera will look at the sky
and recognize a bird when it sees it?

i want to learn as my as i can about building such a thing


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Geeze for that i would think you could use simply movement detection, which
many web cams can do already. You would just have to be able to stop
slowly moving objects from tripping the mechanism.


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hey if your trying to get that winning bird photo sorry but you have to do it yourself....
anyway only you can decide a good picture from a bad one


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Oh brother...


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You would want to learn about 'Image Processing'. Have a look at OpenCV; it's a free computer-vision library for image processing programming.


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To take a 3D-photo of a bird (or anything) you need a stereographic camera system.

It works similar to (mostly) two eyes translating two angular different images to a 3D-image.

To combine two images taken by a stereographic camera you will also require a 3D-glass which then gives a full 3D-presentation of the photos.

I had the opportunity to have a look at ready to fire surface to air missile (SA2) with a total length of 11m (missile 6m and booster rockets 5m).

Looks really impressive. :)

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