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how to design trigering ckt for mosfet

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hey guys,
i am still confused as to how to design the trigerring ckt for the mosfet.i 've also gone thru some good books but didnt get thru.the mosfet i a using is a IRF840 and IRFBC40.pls help me out,so as how to design the trigerring ckt of this mosfet with even warming the mosfet.at present with the current design the mosfet is terribly geting heated.maximum drain current being 600mA for both.plssssssssssssss mention the details


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I am also confused on what you are asking. You want a triggering circuit for your MOSFET.
So let me get this straight, you want to trigger the gate. Well if it is a N-channel enhancement mode MOSFET the trigger on the gate would have to be positive on the gate with respect to the source. The other way around for P-channel.
A simply digital on/off (square wave generator-555 timer) would trigger the gate.
Are you needing a datasheet for your MOSFET's?
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