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how to convert a hex code file to c codes ?


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i want to make a completely new board for the device or modify it , if i can.
What is the "device"? What are the other parts on the board? (pig parts)
If you plucked the EEPROM out of a board then you know what computer was reading the PROM. Almost every post "if we only know …. " and you know.
More information. Send pictures. Help us help you.


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It definitely looks like data only, but you are posting data from address 0x400 (1024). Does it look any different at address 0x000, from the start?
Some EPROMs will have some code and data combined. Otherwise, this may just be a data EPROM, holding things like dot patterns for an ASCII terminal display.
If it is data only, there is nothing to "convert"...

Nigel Goodwin

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If it's text, then specifically unsigned char would be surprising. You could still use the std::stoi method I showed, but you have to cast to char* or otherwise construct a std::string from the text.
You're making a VAST assumption that the code (assuming it is code at all?) was written using a C compiler, there's little reason to assume that - as we've no idea what the device does, what processor it may use (assuming it uses a processor at all?), or what era it might be from (except it's going to be old, using an EPROM).


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Just a spammer, now deleted.


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