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How to control the led like this?

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My PIC is PIC16F873.
This is the initial C program. I have to modify this thing like this;

Input push button on RB4, LED is initially ON. A press AND release of the button starts the LED flashing, and a subsequent press AND release freezes the LED ON .

I already hooked up the RB4, but I can't modify this code. Especially, how can I control the LED at the fist press and second press?

Please help me.

[email protected]

#include <pic.h>

#define XT_OSC 0x0001
#define DISABLE_DEBUG 0x0800

#define CP0 0x1010
#define CP1 0x2020

/* CP0,CP1 code protect off*/
/* other bits zero which means WDT disabled
Low Voltage prm disabled, brownout disabled
power up timer enabled */


#define bitset(var,bitno) ((var) |= (1 << (bitno)))
#define bitclr(var,bitno) ((var) &= ~(1 << (bitno)))
#define bittst(var,bitno) (var & (1 << (bitno)))

/* a subroutine that implements a delay via loops
Note that the compile option used will alter this delay!
Always use -O compile option
unsigned int i,k;

/* change count values to alter delay */
for (k=1800; --k;) {
for(i = 200 ; --i ;);


/* just flash LED on port PB1 */
/* use this to test if PIC board is alive */

TRISB = 0; /* all bits output */
PORTB = 0x00; /* turn all off */
/* use PB1 for output */

for(;;) { /* note infinite loop, all PIC programs should
be an infinite loop of some kind. Why? If the
loop exited, what would the PIC do? */

a_delay(); /* a subroutine that implements a delay via loops */
bitset(PORTB,1); /* turn on PB1 */
bitclr(PORTB,1); /* turn off PB1 */
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