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  • Welcome to our site! Electro Tech is an online community (with over 170,000 members) who enjoy talking about and building electronic circuits, projects and gadgets. To participate you need to register. Registration is free. Click here to register now.

how do i drill holes in pcb easily.

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hey guys !

whats the simplest,easiest, cleanest and cheapest way to drill holes in

need to know before i make my first pcb :shock:

i just have a hand drill :oops:

hope theres a way cos there IS a will :lol:
sorry bad sense of humour.

well i have a hand drill, and i use it do make my drills
i fix the pbc on a piece of wood, so that there is no problem when the drill passes trough the pbc.
i fix the pcb there and i drill the holes.
i use 1mm drills in most cases, in some cases 1.5 for variable resistors and holes where wires come, so that i can solder them easily.
i use bigger drills sometimes for drilling holes in the corner of the pcb to fix it with screws on diferent things.
oh i forgot. u r an artist.

romans r great artists. :lol:

thx :lol:
me, an artist? i got a 4 in painting at school, an artist?
maybe if you were to say sort of a " tehnical artist".
but what do i have to do with romans?
ow i know rome and romania r different.

just bad sense of humor. :lol:
well they are different....and plus, romans dont exist any more, just the followers of them.
how are you doing with the drilling?
bad knowledge of history with me :oops:

neway my present robot is well placed on a veroboard (is that the name used to mention general purpose pcbs).

was just asking that for my next project.
Initially when I had started to build circuits, even I used veroboards. But it a tedeous job to build large circuits on it. So now I make my own PCBs. Hand-drill is ok if you are good at using it. I never mastered that art and I don't remember how many drill bits I broke on that drill. So after that I bought small Minicraft electric drill which is awsome. It just takes 10-15 minutes to drill any PCB which use to take more than a couple of hours on hand-drill.
from the talk of pcbs came to think of it.

whats a glass epoxy pcb guys keep talking bout.
especialy when it comes to rf circuits
well i drill them by hand, but it takes me about 10 seconds to drill a hole, but i admitt that sometimes i brake the drill bits, but usually one is enough for a medium size pcb.
like you said, i think i mastered "the art of hand drilling", its ok, bor me for now, although an electrical one is much better, but i dont think this is a priority now.
i know that using veroboards is much easier, because you skip the part of drawing the pcb, put it in feric clorhide and so on...
but the normal pcb made in the classical way is much better for many reasons: highter component density, not so more jumpers ant you can think of other things.
anyway, how do your pcbs look like when ready kinjalgp? mine dont look so great especially when i dont have time to make them with care?
please post a picture too, if you have one....
oh my god !!!!!!!!!!!!!

bogdanfirst , u have been talking of manual hand drill.
i was saying its difficult with hand HELD electrical drills.

u realy r an artist then.
i do have an hand electric drill.
maybe i m getting scared for nothing then.
you know why i preffer the manual one, because i have full control of it.
i can change turation, direction angle and so on, without pushing buttons and so on.
with the electrial hand drill, for these kind of holes, you need a very small drill, no more than 10W, because if it is very heavy or big, you can easily destroy the pbc and the drill itself.
and one more thing if you have a single sided pcb, try to drill the holes from the part where is no copper, its easier like this.
if you hace to drill the holes from the copper side from various reasons, here is an advice....where you want to drill a hole, put a small nail and hit it with something, but not very hard, enough to make a small hole or mark, on the pcb. when you will drill the hole the drill bit stays fixed in the small mark that you made and wouldnt run away because of the turation.
nice tips bogdan :)
actually the man also refers to the linux command "man".

but its true otherwise too.
Hi bogdanfirst, I am attaching a sample of my creativity :lol: Just have a look. Would be glad to hear your review :)


  • PCB.jpg
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thats marvelous.

did u do all that with an hand electric drill ?
it looks SUPER!
i just wish mine would look like that.
but what do you use to draw them with? do u use a ruler?
please give me some tips, i really need !!!
i dont think that the drills are the poblem, how did you draw it? with your hand? i dont think so...please give me some details, i seem to be very oldfashioned
kinjal once said he used transfer sheets (dont know the exact term).
guess u take a laser printout on a screen thing and transfer the image to the pcb.
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