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How can I find the pinout of a connector on a motherboard?

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I am looking for some help on figuring out the pinout to a non standard pcie x1 lane connector. I have a new mac mini that has a 30 pin connection on the motherboard, which connects the wifi/bluetooth that I have confirmed with apple is a PCIe x1. I have been able to find the 3.3v pins and the negative and positive 66 mhz Clock pins, but nothing else. I was hoping someone would know how to find the pinouts with measuring equipment. I am currently using a 100mhz oscilloscope. Does anyone have any experience with something like this? I was hoping to measure the signals on another motherboard with a standard PCIe and then by comparing with measurements on the mac mini connecter, find which pin is which, but, alas that has not worked.

Here is a picture.
Imageshack - macmini5



Use a DMM to determine what pins they connect to on whatever type of chipset the Mac has and try to get the datasheet for it. That may shed some light on it. However, considering that it's a Mac, I imagine that you'd be hard pressed to find a datasheet for anything on their motherboard.
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