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hot air soldering iron

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Sawy Sawy

New Member
i'm looking for hot air circuit daigram
the model no: LK702 made in China
Lionking Development Co Ltd

OR any other mpdel
Thank you


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Hy SS,

Welcome to ETO. I see you are Egypt- care to show your location in your user window on the left of your posts. It helps us to know you location because we then know your mains voltage and what components you can access.

Presumably you have problems with an LK702 hot air anti static solder station and would like to repair it.

Unfortunately, it is unlikely that you would find a circuit diagram for the LK702, but I did come across this on the internet which may be of some use: https://okelectronic.wordpress.com/2013/04/11/hot-air-rework-station-repairing/

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