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Due to PM's people say the story is to difficult to read in it's non word formatted form, I am trimming it to the intro paragraph, use the doc file for full story.

For one of my classes I had to write a compelling story and make a presentation. I chose to write about the homeless, as there are many in my city. Contrary to popular belief many homeless are not drug addicts or alcoholics. Many are children or just people without the mental capacity to survive.

I am providing a you tube link to my presentation. Most of the images are from my own camera, I did borrow a few from internet, as my footage was a bit short. Hope this video touches your heart.

YouTube - homeless

I wrote this paper to accompany my presentation. Sorry, forum format does not support MS word formatting. All formatting was lost in paste.

I attached a DOC file if your prefer more readable document. See end of post.:)

P.O. Box Cardboard Lane

The pungent smell that normally permeates the air and bites at one’s senses seems lessened by the harshness of the bitter cool air. The usual chirping sounds of the morning birds greeting the rising sun are replaced with the polluted air of heavy traffic and the blaring horns of impatient commuters.

The cold slab of concrete and the crinkling of last week’s news greet you with another serving of reality. Having survived another night amidst the pollution stained backdrop, and the other inhabitants of Cardboard Lane, you quickly arise to avoid the morning visit from the gumshoe that seems hell-bent on reminding you of your loathsome existence.

Grabbing the polymer resin bag containing the sum total of your possessions, you embark on another day of feeling lost, hopeless, and full of despair. Having long forgotten the smell of bacon, and freshly cooked eggs, terrible pain yanks your insides reminding you that hunger is your only companion.

“Perhaps the beach today” you say to yourself, as you know the fresh smell of grass, and flowers that stem from the park are off limits, as the local constable had recently reminded you.

The look of disdain and contempt shuns you as you make your way down the buzzing street of sharply dressed worker bees heading for their hives. You encounter another resident of Cardboard Lane and exchange information. He informs you that the shelter is already full for the impending night of chilled air and precipitation.

Although fiction, the above depiction is true for many Americans that are faced with enduring the realities of poverty and homelessness in America. In fact, some 744,000 Americans will find themselves living on Cardboard Lane tonight (Treatment Advocacy Center).

As children, like most people, the homeless once envisioned themselves as becoming doctors, lawyers, or firemen, but never homeless. They never wished or dreamed of one day owning a crisp cardboard box from the local Wal-Mart, and calling this home.

So what sends these people out into the streets without a key to a place of shelter? What beckons these people to endure hunger, cold, the loss of hope, and the constant reminder of despair? What causes a person to become homeless?

As Paul Harvey say's, open the doc. file, for the rest of the story.


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Yes, it is an unfortunate situation here, and around the world. Those that need help have a tough time getting it. There are way too many people, who take advantage of the help that is offer, who don't really need to.
I take my dog out twice a day for about a 30 minute walk. It's a small town, and we live in the downtown area. We pass several churches, with programs to help. Some pass out clothes, blanks, and other things. Some give out bags of food. On serves a hot meal 3 times a week. I see people talking on cellphones while waiting in line, people parking nice cars just around the corner and walking a block or so. Being a small town, you remember the faces. Some spend a lot of time at the bars, but you also see the ones who sleep on the benches, dig through garbage.

It's tough to separate those in need, and those who just jump in line because it's free. Kind of why it bothers me so much when people start the 'free sample' threads for parts here. It's pretty much the same mentality that makes it tough for those who really have a need.


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When I went back to college several years ago I had to file for fuel assistance to help cover my base living expenses. I went in and did a long interview with the state fuel assistance person. I explained my situation and brought proof of what college I was going to and what my income was.
I refused the food stamps and other assistance stuff because I did not actually need it. :)
While I was talking with her I asked if there was a lot of people that really needed the fuel assistance program. She said unfortunately about 80% of the people they deal with are just lazy or cheap. They have the capacity to work or are so cheap they spend every waking hour trying to find a way to get someone else to pay for everything they have! :mad:

The 20% or so that do qualify are legitimately low income and do need assistance. They are mostly elderly people that have fallen on hard times and surprisingly many around are just out of high school and got kicked out of the house when they turned 18! Their parents just did not want the finical burden of raising kids any more! :eek:
The government viewed them as adults at 18 so their parents said, Happy birthday! your an adult now, Now get out! :(

She told me that in an average week she interviews at least one or two that want fuel assistance despite having high paying jobs!
They feel that since they pay taxes the government owes them!
She said most of these people come in looking as poor as the can but have a $250K house and several $20K -$40K vehicles and a $50K a year job along with a $100K savings account as personal assets! :eek:

Since I have been through the actual process of getting fuel assistance I am approached several times a year by well off people asking me to show them how to get it! :mad:

When I was going to college I was asked by several people if I would sell them my cheap fuel so they did not have to pay full price!
I was getting fuel for about 5 cents a gallon at the time. Everyone that asked me to sell them my fuel offered me 10 to 15 cents a gallon for it!
The actual cost was around $1 at the time.
The said I should take it, its easy money! They felt that offering me double to triple what I payed was a more than a fair rate!
Then they openly got mad at me for not taking it and said, You will never get ahead in life with that attitude. Easy money is right in front of you and you wont take it! :confused:

These people were well off too! :eek:

Since then I am fancily better off now and I happily pay my taxes and I regularly don't file for my refunds. I let the government keep it. Its my sort way of paying back the help that they gave me! :)


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Wow Mikebits! That story has really touched my heart! It was epic! You are such a prolific writer! Thumbs up!!! Need I say more? :confused: (Seriously hun, do I need to say anymore? Can I get my new car now???:D)



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Wow Mikebits! That story has really touched my heart! It was epic! You are such a prolific writer! Thumbs up!!! Need I say more? :confused: (Seriously hun, do I need to say anymore? Can I get my new car now???:D)

Oh brother, I need to find a new hiding place...lol, just kidding babe... :) You know that right??? ;)

I was bound to be caught. The Miss likes to involve herself in my life, part of marriage I suppose, and it is a good thing.:)

Good one hun... :) Now go wait in the truck.
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