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holiday project- robot

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well its the holidays and im dead bord. so i decide to make a small robot...but where to start??? i have limited understanding in electronics, although I got lots of 555 timer ICs, all the usually small components (resistors, capacitors, LEDs and stuff),and Basic Stamp 1 version D (i dont know much about prgraming it though) and a Cybot (with motors and a H bridge only).

I wondering if any of u have plans or robots i can build with all these???
Is there a wed site that have good robot projects at cost little or nothing at all???
better keep it small and simple.


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But do u know of any other wed sites/projects i can build that are not bugs...just household robots....say using the basic stamp 1 or 555timer ICs.


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robot bugs

hello, the robot bugs are the beginning of everything.
if you are planning to build something big, you must begin with something small and improve it step by step. :)

a bigger robot only means more powerful transistors, larger motors, gears etc.

all the circuitry, programming etc usuall remains not changed much.

if i can help in any way, please dont hesitate to contact me.

i've added a new bug, the soundbug recently. Come take a look :)
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